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How to Create Screensavers And Animated Wallpapers For Mobile Phones

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Cell phones now have been completely revolutionized than those of a decade ago. Smartphones can be compared to a powerful computer always within our reach can do just about anything. It goes without saying that we all love to customize our phone to give it that touch of class according to personal taste. For this reason, in addition to the cover, do not leave out the background and screen saver: a site created especially for this is called Red Dodo and is just for us, allowing us to Create Animated Screensavers. Let’s see what it is and how it works.

Note: supported devices are the brands LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo and Sony Ericsson. To date, unfortunately, Apple-branded phones are excluded.

Be sure to have on your hand:

  • PC
  • Internet
  • Red Dodo
  • Compatible mobile phone.

Red Dodo is a service (free) that allows you to create wallpapers and screensavers and animated for your phone. You can then create as many animated wallpapers and download them directly to your phone, or download them to your computer and send them to your phone via bluetooth or other kind of connection, avoiding to buy them out of pay sites.
To use Red Dodo and instantly create your own animated backgrounds we must first reach the Italian version of the site by clicking on this link.

The main page for Red Dodo customizable screensavers and wallpapers and some of the first thing that catches your eye is that the backgrounds are animated, truly original feature. The animations available are divided into two different sections, depending on whether you want to use as search criteria the popularity of the image or the chronological order. When you have made your choice, you will see a series of pages with all backgrounds. To scroll between pages just click on the numbers in the “page” until you find the wallpaper that you want customize: to each background can be of arbitrary text that appears in a particular area of the animation.

To select an animation, simply click on it: you will then be brought to a page where you can enter the text you want to display on the animation and choose the make and model of your mobile phone, in addition to the resolution. You can also delete the animated portion of the image in case you find that consumes too much battery.

At this point there are two ways to save an image: the first is to click the right mouse button on the image and select “save image as” to save the animation on the computer and manually sending on mobile; the second case is to download the image directly to your phone (via WAP internet, so attention to connection costs) by following the instructions on the site.

How To Make Android Into A Universal Remote

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The remote has revolutionized the way we live, Act and think. The main problem though is finding it! From today, all this will not be a problem: suppose you have an application that can control appliances in our homes. Is now a reality thanks to a revolutionary new application for Android. Through your device you will be able to control all kinds of infrared device, bringing it with you always. Furthermore, this application can save your favorite channels and create widgets on the home screen. You will have all the power to control your home inside your pocket. You can turn your device into a universal remote as well as saving time researching the hidden remote control! Nice application and very useful, innovative design and easy to use. Appreciated by many, has obtained a score on the store is 4 out 5. Let’s see together how to do it step by step.

Be sure you have on hand:

  • Internet connection
  • Android OS

“Universal IR Remote control” is an application available for all Android devices, phones and tablets, very useful and simple to use. Thanks to this application you will have in your hands a remote able to control your TV, cable, radio, DVD, Blu-Ray, air conditioning (a/c) and much more. To give some examples of HD ready TV: Samsung, Sony, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Emerson, Philips, Hitachi, Apple TV, Sky and many others.

To download and install the program requires a data connection, be it Wi-Fi or mobile (3 g, 4 g). First you open the Android market and search for “Universal IR Remote control”. Open the application page and click “install”. The main suggestion is to use a Wi-Fi network, given the size of the application (about 13 MB). Wait so the download and installation.

Opening the application click continue, then click remote controls online test. In this screenshot, from the moment you start up the application and choose the type of device that you want to use, you can control many devices thanks to your Android phone. You can also, through this application, then of jokes funny to friends and family, turning off the TV or changing channels suddenly, just to spice up family dinners. It only remains for me to wish you good luck!

Keyboard for Android

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How to choose the keyboard for Android and what are the alternative keyboard models present by default in smartphones and tablets? Here is a set of information to learn more about certain types of keyboard and be able to do comparisons before choosing the most suitable model for your needs.

The keyboard for Android

To understand what a keyboard for Android we must reflect on the fact that many people are using your smartphone or tablet to write quite complex or long texts, but certainly the touch screen is not the best in this regard; for this the convenience of a keyboard and its functions become important to facilitate the various write operations, control and management of the text. The greatest difficulties often are those related to the fact of having to type letters on small rectangles, difficulty or inability to verify and check the text quickly and easily, search for missing symbols in keyboard, copy and paste, scroll through the text, retrieve the text already typed that accidentally got lost or write maybe using one hand.

It is certainly not easy to satisfy all requests, but still there are some keyboard types who favor more certain operations and which are equipped with specific functions compared maybe to other models.

The Android system allows also to do easily enough different types of changes and customize like Smartphones and tablets. Also regarding the keyboard you can then select and install a different keyboard than the default for example, changing the language, layout or adding or deleting certain functions. In some cases the new keyboards are paid, while some can be downloaded from the Internet for free.

Keyboard for Android features 

Keyboards for Android feature some main functions as:

  • Predictive writing
    You must touch the individual letters to make words and message while you are typing the letters appear suggestions for words to make the write operation. You can usually extend the vocabulary of reference by adding new words or terms that are not present in the vocabulary;
  • Writing swype
    Allows you to slide your finger or a stylus, screen lifting it only once the word is terminated or there is no need to disconnect it for every single letter. The keyboard is able to decipher the word you intend to write as it uses an algorithm for error correction and a language reference base to find the words you want. The same interface is also included the tip text.

Types of keyboard for Android

  1. Swiftkey
    is one of the most versatile and popular versions of Android keyboard which is fine for both smartphone for both tablet has constant updates, has good feedback and prediction. This is a keyboard for Android among the most sold in almost forty countries, has the distinction of being a multi language and keyboard you can write simultaneously using up to three different languages and has one of the most accurate systems of correction;
  2. Swype
    the writing is done by swiping your finger or the stylus on the letters and detaching them from the keyboard only when the word has been completed and has a vocabulary that is continuously updated and allows the voice dictation. A curiosity: this version has got even the Guinness World Record for texting that was written faster;
  3. SlideIt
    is a keyboard for Android conveniently predicting, you write crawling finger or stylus on letters and allows a good customization, even if at present is somewhat slower than other models. Also supports voice input using the supplied microphone and accessed easily enough to cut, copy and paste the text and default shortcuts already exist that allow for faster writing anyway and you can also add other shortcuts;
  4. Go Keyboard
    is free and they even 10 million downloads so far obtained, has a great personalization, good adaptability and various layout but appears to have a poor prediction of text and is a little slow compared to other keyboards. This keyboard is compatible with devices running Android 1.6 or higher. Supported languages are Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, you can also import the sms and phone contacts.