How To Make Android Into A Universal Remote

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The remote has revolutionized the way we live, Act and think. The main problem though is finding it! From today, all this will not be a problem: suppose you have an application that can control appliances in our homes. Is now a reality thanks to a revolutionary new application for Android. Through your device you will be able to control all kinds of infrared device, bringing it with you always. Furthermore, this application can save your favorite channels and create widgets on the home screen. You will have all the power to control your home inside your pocket. You can turn your device into a universal remote as well as saving time researching the hidden remote control! Nice application and very useful, innovative design and easy to use. Appreciated by many, has obtained a score on the store is 4 out 5. Let’s see together how to do it step by step.

Be sure you have on hand:

  • Internet connection
  • Android OS

“Universal IR Remote control” is an application available for all Android devices, phones and tablets, very useful and simple to use. Thanks to this application you will have in your hands a remote able to control your TV, cable, radio, DVD, Blu-Ray, air conditioning (a/c) and much more. To give some examples of HD ready TV: Samsung, Sony, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Emerson, Philips, Hitachi, Apple TV, Sky and many others.

To download and install the program requires a data connection, be it Wi-Fi or mobile (3 g, 4 g). First you open the Android market and search for “Universal IR Remote control”. Open the application page and click “install”. The main suggestion is to use a Wi-Fi network, given the size of the application (about 13 MB). Wait so the download and installation.

Opening the application click continue, then click remote controls online test. In this screenshot, from the moment you start up the application and choose the type of device that you want to use, you can control many devices thanks to your Android phone. You can also, through this application, then of jokes funny to friends and family, turning off the TV or changing channels suddenly, just to spice up family dinners. It only remains for me to wish you good luck!

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