How to Use The Launchpad

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The Launchpad is a very useful tool to DJ and those involved in electronic music, even at an amateur level and allows you to play a song or musical sequences. It consists of 64 keys and each of the buttons correspond to a preset sound via computer. So what of it and how to best use the Launchpad, even if you are novice to the world of electronic music DIY.

Launchpad, as its name suggests, means “launch pad” and this tool is a very useful accessory to those involved in electronic music at the professional level and also for those novice, wants to start taking the first steps in this context as a hobby.

The launchpad is a medium sized accessory that is shaped like a tablet, comes with 64 keys, each of which corresponds to a sound, your computer sets via your computer thanks to special software, and allows you to play your favorite songs, or inventing new through the composition.

To use the Launchpad you need to be very handy with his hands and fingers especially, because to play a song you have to master all 64 keys that make up the keyboard of the Launchpad. Each key corresponds to a preset sound to the computer and to create the correct musical sequence is essential therefore know to perfection each of these.

To use the Launchpad in the right way, the first thing to do is plug it into your computer via USB cable, which is typically provided along with the Launchpad. If not, you can use any other compatible USB cable.

Along with the Launchpad, at the time of purchase, also comes the software needed for operation of the instrument; the software recognizes the launchpad automatically, although, in some cases, you may need to enable the hardware according to the directions to download it directly from the menu.

When the Launchpad will be connected to your computer properly, you can begin using it; each button can be customized at will, even according to your own way of moving your hands or fingers, even if you are left-handed.

Each key is also a color; yellow for the clip, playback phases green and red for the registration phase. The colors, of course, are only indicative and may change according to the models: what matters is learning right now to familiarize yourself with the settings and options.

At the beginning may seem difficult and complicated operation of Launchpad, but it is just to do a little bit of practice, and compose the songs you desire will become simple and intuitive. With the Launchpad you can compose the songs you want, then replaying them or create original tracks. Who is able to play one or more musical instruments, especially if a keyboard, will obviously be more benefited, as he will be a little less those starting from scratch, although everything is solvable with just a little practice.

Typically, the first horizontal row of keys contains the procedures to set up the clips, while the central area is used to control change and numerical variation according to the settings you created. Each clip corresponds to a track and you can scroll the workspace moving with the four arrows in the left side of the controller. The central area is divided into two operational areas; the first four rows of the top Act on the clip, while those of the bottom serve to activate the audio channel, stop and mute.

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